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To become a regionally and nationally recognized club. "We strive to be ambassadors of the game and treat all those involved with the game with dignity and respect.”

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“We have two fundamental goals: training and educating young players." We will teach core social values and promote anti-violence, anti-drugs and healthy lifestyles through the game of soccer.

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*/ Commitment to a united effort
*/ Sportsmanship
*/ Open to learning
*/ Humility in success and defeat.

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Latest News

11/03/112 Team Tryouts
2013 SEASON: Premier teams; participating in MYSA and tournaments:*U16 boys *U18 men *U14 girls *U16 girls.

November Friendly Matches
November “Friendly” matches in Salt Lake City.

February Training Camp
February 2013 training camp at Casa Grande Arizona.

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Diversify your Soccer life

FC Bozeman is committed to a style of play that encourages lots of interchange of positions and movement off the ball. This system allows players to express their individuality, intelligence, leadership and creativity in a team concept. Only technical and intelligent players with strong individual character can accomplish this style. This style of play is characterized by short passing, patience, and possession, which involves roaming movement and positional interchange in intricate patterns.

We believe that the strength of the club relies on the professionalism and unity of the coaching staff. We are committed to brain centered coaching and guided discovery teaching. Results can only be achieved through consistent, quality training with a coach/player ratio that is 1:10 or less. We will use small sided games with clear objectives, games and activities that stimulate the thinking process, encourage playing with both feet, improves ball control, passing and receiving, tempo, tactical and situational awareness. We strongly believe that talent is not born, it is developed.
FC Bozeman is a competitive club. As such, tryout system will be used from U9 and up to ensure quality training.